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As with many great initiatives, frank.foundations – the INCLUSIVE construction, renovation and maintenance company – had its origins in research. An independent boutique research company called Infusion launched a lifestyle (contextual) community-based participatory research channel - operating on a gut feel that there is a desperate need for insightful, meaningful, holistic information about LIFE in South Africa’s emerging communities - valuable for corporates, NGO’s, government and communities alike. Four years down the line, the project won acclaim across the board by highlighting opportunities and risks in meeting the needs(commercial and social) of under-served communities.

On this journey, Infusion recognised - through tens of thousands of conversations with fellow South Africans living in townships - what many people desire above all is an opportunity, a break, a chance to
partake – to create their own sustainable income and to contribute to the wellbeing of their family.

This powerful desire to PARTICIPATE, ignited the project and thereafter the company
frank.foundations focused
on generating meaningful opportunities for people to do just that - PARTICIPATE.

To do this frank.foundations seeks to create linkages between existing opportunities (commercial and private) and inspired people in underdeveloped communities – for the benefit of both. Through this innovative model
frank. foundations contributes to upward mobility of people while ensuring excellent quality of services delivered. frank.foundations, supported by Infusion, focus on developing inclusive businesses by combining:

frank.foundations as an inclusive business concept – the company of the future:

In line with contemporary thinking around doing better business in an inequitable world,
frank. foundations went beyond ‘business as usual’ selecting and integrating partners from vulnerable communities and maximising sustainable business opportunities – by providing appropriate, well priced and effective products and services through well-trained, focussed local teams.

The vision of this entrepreneurial venture is to create sustainable business and income generating opportunities with due consideration of commercial/economic, environmental and social factors.
frank.foundations connects community operators to business opportunities in: