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The frank. paving team offer a sollid, brick by brick, professional paving solution accompanied with a friendly smile, and tangible passion for our trade.

Co-owner Jerry

Jerry was born into a construction family in Knoppiesfontein. In 2000, Jerry joined his father - who is a professional builder and paver at M&H construction. Here Jerry cultivated skills in civil works, curbs, V-drains and paving.

At that point in time Jerry was invited by his foreman, owner of Chico Contractors, to work with them at Woza Woza. Due to the quality of Jerry’s work, this initial invitation converted into a three and a half year contract.

In 2005 Jerry left Woza Woza to start his own business as a sub-contractor. He specialised in paving and even sub-contracted for Eden paving. During this period Jerry was approached by his neighbour, Jonas Makua to assist him with his building contracts. He grabbed the opportunity and joined forces with Jonas on all his big construction contracts while still running smaller contracts on the side.

Regardless of Jerry’s extensive experience in construction his main passion is paving! This passion is reflected in the satisfaction he gains from a job well done coupled with the positive feedback from our clients.

Jerry’s soft spoken manner and his unquenchable thirst for knowledge - especially related to his trade – combined with his passion contributes immensely to the
success of frank. foundations.