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CreteColors SA

Introducing the product range:

frank. floor offers a dream solution for concrete floors through the cost effective, environmentally friendly product Crete Colors
Floors are treated with the minimum disruption to your life or business, with beautiful results and minimum maintenance. Suitable for residential, industrial, hospitality or warehouse applications, frank. floor expertly applies the product in small, trained teams.

C Super Hard

A premium sealer, hardener and densifier of concrete containing maximum lithium content that enables it to withstand heavy traffic. This patented lithium silicate treatment deeply penetrates and reacts with concrete to produce insoluble calcium silicate hydrate within the concrete pores. Treated surfaces will resist damage from surface abrasion and water whilst eliminating dusting and simplifying maintenance. Excellent for grinding, sanding or any form of polishing/burnishing.

Can even be used to address major problems as it is outstanding on extremely porous, low quality floors. It also works well when you maximum hardness on a deteriorating slab. Independent laboratory test results comparing the effect of applying C Super Hard to untreated concrete with that of a range of competitor products (complete reports available on request).

NOTE: C Super Hard cannot wear off unless the actual floor is ground away.

C Seal

Lithium based resinous floor sealer that produces a long-lasting high-gloss finish.
Provides excellent concrete protection from water, chemical attack and abrasion.
Independent laboratory stain resistance tests indicate the positive performance of C Seal against acids, bases, solvents, alcohol, salts and other chemicals. C Seal is perfect for application on standard or decorative concrete and terrazzo. Protects and enhances the colour intensity of integrally coloured and colour stained concrete by maximizing light reflectance. Eliminates the need for floor waxes, liquid polishes and conventional resin based coatings.

C Maintenance

A unique, proprietary concentrated lithium- based cleaner. Designed specifically for concrete floors treated with lithium hardeners. Contains a lithium hardener-densifier to help maintain concrete hardness.

Perfect for use on all indoor applications especially retail stores, warehouses and manufacturing plants, shopping malls, hospitals, schools, restaurants and many others.
Can be used as an effective maintenance cleaner for almost any concrete floor including concrete treated with sodium and potassium silicates.

C Tint

A lithium-based tint that colours and protects concrete (combine with C Super Hard or C Seal). A proprietary, non- flammable, water- reducible formulation, that penetrates and colours concrete surfaces. Will not etch concrete or corrode adjacent architectural metals. Transforms dull, grey concrete into professional, decorative, low maintenance concrete floors. Available in a spectrum of colours to use alone or in layers to produce an unlimited range of colour shades.

Additional information:

Why Lithium?

Lower viscosity and alkalinity allows C lithium hardeners to achieve deeper and more complete penetration creating a denser, harder bond. This leaves fewer un- reacted calcium hydroxide molecules due to a wider distribution of lithium particles during absorption.C lithium hardeners react with calcium elements in concrete, building strong and stable silicate structures, maximizing and extending lithium reactivity. These compounds block the micro pores in concrete practically eliminating the chance of moisture absorption into the concrete substrate.


*Helps to cure the concrete.
*Increases abrasion resistance.
*Reduces permeability and helps to resist chemical attack.
*Makes the floor easier to maintain.
*Brightens the area through light reflection.
*Improves the aesthetics of the floor.

Lithium Benefits:

Strengthening of the Floor Surface C liquid hardeners/densifiers are chemicals heavy in silica which reacts with calcium hydroxide in the concrete to fill pores, thereby strengthening and hardening the surface wear layer.

Excellent Penetration C liquid hardeners/densifiers contain a highly reactive lithium catalyst, which increases penetration into floor surfaces, triggering faster and more complete reaction with the concrete.

Greater Abrasion Resistance even the most perfect bare concrete floors will wear off relatively easily in industrial traffic conditions. Floors treated with C liquid hardeners/densifiers will significantly improve abrasion resistance.


C liquid hardeners/densifiers outlast the lifespan of topcoats as a permanent impregnation of the floor surface can be achieved that lasts for the life of the concrete.

Elimination of Dusting from Efflorescence

In ordinary concrete, tiny particles of dust are pushed to the surface through an upward force called hydrostatic pressure, resulting in efflorescence commonly seen as dust on concrete floors. C products eliminate efflorescence thereby preventing dusting.


By densifying and sealing the surface, C liquid hardeners /densifiers transform a porous concrete floor into a tightened floor dense enough to repel water, oil and other contaminants - preventing it from penetrating the surface.

Slip Resistant

Treated floor surfaces, though shiny, will not be slippery.

Improved Condition for Old Floors

As concrete ages, surface stress, delamination, curled cold joints and other problems can arise. C liquid hardeners/densifiers combined with our customized grinding and polishing techniques remove the top surface layer of old concrete to strengthen the floor, increasing impact and abrasion resistance.

Reduced Tire Wear

The rough, uneven texture of natural concrete abrades tires - adding to tire wear. A concrete floor treated with C liquid hardeners /densifiers make the surface smooth, preventing this abrasion and leaving minimum tire marks on the floor surface. Ordinary cleaning can easily remove blemishes.

Little or No Production Down Time

Floors can be put into service immediately after the application process is complete. Due to the cleanliness of the process and the absence of toxic /hazardous chemicals, floors can often be serviced while the plant is in full production.

Less Maintenance

Most floor systems, including tile and linoleum, require aggressive scrubbing to maintain a clean environment and good appearance.

Surfaces treated with C liquid hardeners /densifiers are tightly compacted - reducing stains. It does not require waxing or stripping to maintain the sheen.

Improved Reflectivity and Ambient Lighting

The reflective properties of a densified floor surface, increases the lighting in facilities. Increased ambient lighting reduces energy bills whilst being aesthetically pleasing.


The treated floor will reduce maintenance costs (reduction in upkeep e.g. waxing), reduce tire wear as well as energy costs (through reflectivity and ambient lighting).

Planet Safe

C is dedicated to help reduce the carbon footprint. Of our 12 products on offer, 11 are completely planet safe.