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Large or small, traditional or alternative – frank. build offers a reliable team of expert builders with years of experience to handle any construction or maintenance project.
frank. build guide clients through the entire process from planning to completion and the maintenance involved once the project has been completed.

Co-owner Jonas

Jonas was born in Middelburg. After attending Morathebe Primary School Jonas went back to the farm and worked as a cattle herder. During this time his father, a well
know builder in the district, was appointed by the farmer to build a house. Jonas jumped at the opportunity to assist his dad, unknowingly starting his career in

In 1990 he joined his friend Petrus, who worked for Hennie Steyn Construction. Hennie assisted Jonas with additional construction training and enrolled him in a training program at Saambou Hardware. After successfully completing his training Jonas was appointed to build houses from foundation to final completion. With this experience Jonas joined Cleverland Construction in 1995 where he mastered the art of plastering.

In 2005 Jonas took a giant leap of faith and started his own construction company. Based on the networks he built his company was appointed as a sub-contractor for Cleveland where he completed many construction contracts.

His final break-away was in 2007 when he left Cleverland and started “Fund u Khophoke” (Learn and Work Wisely) mainly specialising in small construction contracts and alterations. After distributing his business cards Jonas landed his first contract in Waverley doing renovation work. During this project he joined forces with Jerry and Paul.

This meeting of the minds and of the hands allowed him to offer a broader range of services to his clients. Going from strength to strength Jonas joined forces with frank. foundations
during 2010. Jonas loves getting his hands dirty and thrives on the satisfaction of successfully completing a project.

His hands-on manner helps him to look at alternative ways to find different solutions to construction challenges. “Jonas - the man with a plan!”
Jonas’ vast construction knowledge combined with his client-centred heart helps customers realise their construction dreams. This is the essence of what frank. foundations is about.